FAQ TensileMill CNC

1.  What separates TensileMIll CNC Inc. from manufacturers for tensile preparation equipment?

In the world of specialized tensile sample preparation manufacturing, TensileMIll CNC is leading the market with the combination of a strong built tensile sample preparation CNC machine combined with the Tensile Soft, user-friendly software interface. Machine components and the controller are assembled and built in North America. The final inspection and troubleshooting takes place in one of our three locations. Tensile preparation has never been easier for a wide variety of materials, ranging from soft aluminum to super hard Inconel. View our full tensile test sample preparation line-up today to experience the difference in quality tensile sample preparation equipment.

2. How does the library of common standards work?

The library of common standards is accessible through the main TensileMill CNC interface. By simply clicking Library, you will be provided a list of standard ASTM, ISO, DIN and JIS specimen sizes. By selecting an option from the tensile library, the machine will be ready to prepare the specimen size selected. You also have the option of saving this specimen to your Quick Menu which allows you to easily re-access the same size directly from the main page of our TensileMill CNC interface.

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3. How long does it take to train a new operator to use the tensile software interface?

The tensile milling interface is very intuitive and very easy to learn. With touch screen capabilities, the operator must simply enter the dimensions of their required tensile specimen and press start to begin the milling process. The time to train an operator can be done in a matter of minutes to understand how to operate the machine. Additional features to be learned include the saving and recalling of a specific tensile specimen size as well as accessing our library of pre-programmed specimen sizes.

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4. How does one purchase TensileMill\'s tensile sample preparation equipment?

The purchase of your tensile sample preparation equipment is made easy with TensileMill CNC.Once you receive your detailed quotation, simply submit your Purchase Order via e-mail to sales@tensilemillcnc.com or via fax to (775)–981–9041.The unit’s production begins as soon as the credit terms have been met.

All TensileMill’s tensile sample preparation equipment is manufactured-to-order therefore your standard lead times will vary from 6-8 weeks.The unit(s) will then arrive to your facility designed for long-term operation.Installation and training is recommended and can be provided at your request from the main quotation.

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5. What level of training will my operators need to machine tensile specimens on the TensileMill CNC?

With our easy to use tensile software, any individual with basic computer skills can operate and prepare tensile specimens on the TensileMill CNC. We recommend that you spend some time training your operators on the correct procedure for gripping your blanks in the vise. Once your operators understand how to fix the starting material, they will be ready to continuously prepare tensile specimens with ease.

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6. What parameters do I need to enter into the tensile interface in order to get the machine to prepare my tensile sample specimen?

The tensile interface requires that you enter the total length of the tensile specimen, the shoulder width, the radius at the shoulders, the gauge length and the gauge width.You will then be able to save these tensile parameters for future use and access it with a simple push of a button. Request a quotation today.

7. I require Tensile Preparation based on ASTM E8 and ISO standards. What If down the road I require to follow new industry standards?

Tensile preparation for ASTM E8, as well as ISO, DIN and JIS standards comes standard with the user-friendly interface provided with every TensileMill CNC unit.This allows a user to easily select the desired tensile preparation standard like ASTM E8 with just 2 clicks of a button on the user-friendly touch screen. By simply pressing GO, the operator is able to achieve quality tensile sample preparation results in no time.

Additional standards and parameters can be added through the smart user-friendly interface.TensileMill CNC units can operate as standard MACH 4 CNC machines. The process of entering new industry standards or other CNC specific parameters is as simple as data entry in the specified fields and hitting SAVE.The data will be stored in the software and can be accessed in the future with a single touch of a button. Now that’s fast tensile sample preparation! Request quote today.

8. How do I begin preparing tensile specimens?

To begin preparing your tensile specimens, simply open the door to have access to the machining area. Depending on the size of your required tensile samples, adjust the vise to the desired length for your blanks. Firmly tighten your material into the holder and close the door to the machining area. On your touch screen software panel, simply select your desired specimen size from the library of common standards or enter the parameters of your specimen size in the empty fields. Once you have completed inputting the dimensions of your desired tensile sample, start the machine and the machining process will begin.Learn more here.

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9. Do you offer tensile sample preparation options before an official purchase order issue?

Here at TensileMill CNC Inc. we believe in offering value first. You are welcome to benefit from our free tensile sample preparation services for your specimens by sending us a couple of your samples. Our engineering team will be happy to mill them for you, create a video of the process and send the samples back to your facility for inspection. This will give you a clear idea how good our machine can handle tensile sample preparation for your specimens.
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10. How does your Tensile Preparation software compare to the competition?

At TensileMill CNC, we pride ourselves in providing you, our customer, with a complete package for milling your tensile specimens. If you change your specimen size, you will never have to purchase any further packages in order to prepare your new size. Everything is done through our unique TensileMill CNC interface which comes standard on all of our machines. The TensileMill CNC also allows you to access the complete MACH4 Carbon control software in which you can operate the machine in the same way as other CNC milling machines.

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11. What does the warranty not cover?

The consumables for your machine such as the milling tips, coolant, etc. are the only items that are not covered by your 12-month limited warranty!

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12. Can the TensileMill CNC fit in my lab?

The TensileMill CNC is designed to be incorporated within a laboratory setting. The outside dimensions of the machine are 49.2 x 57.1 x 76.8 in (1250 x 1450 x 1950 mm). It is conveniently equipped with wheels to easily be moved into position and includes the protective barrier to ensure that your lab remains a clean and controlled environment.

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13. How frequently should I upgrade the software? How much do the upgrades cost?

The TensileMill CNC software is constantly being expanded to incorporate new features and additional tensile specimen sizes. We are proud to provide you with unlimited software updates at no additional cost! All software updates are performed remotely and can be done with a simple install on the internal computer system.

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14. Do you offer warranty on your Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment?

The limited warranty on all Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment by TensileMill CNC machines are 12 months upon date of delivery!

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15. What is your optimal CNC Machine for Tensile Specimens?

In order to better answer the efficiency question for your tensile specimen preparation CNC Machine, we ask you a couple of technical specifications questions. These questions help narrow down which tensile CNC machine will do the job just right. To help you with this, we created a detailed quote request which allows you to submit your inquiry in now time and receive the optimal based on your technical needs. We look forward to help you with the right tensile specimen machine!

16. Do you have affiliations in Europe?

TensileMill CNC Inc. has a wide network of partnerships in American, Europe, Australian and Asia. Our partners have the experience and the knowledge of the relevant equipment to help address all of your in-person and remote technical needs. So whether you are in London, Berlin, Sydney or Beijing, we got you covered. Contact us today to learn more!

17. Do you recommend that we have on-site training and installation for our new TensileMill CNC?

For any institution without any prior machining experience, we highly recommend a single day of Installation.

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18. How fast can I get physical help with my unit?

If a site visit is needed for technical support, we aim to have a certified Service Engineer at your site on the following business day. Most issues can be resolved remotely either through phone, Skype, TeamViewer or by email. When you need further support, we have a global Technical Support Network to provide you with on-site service wherever you are on the globe.

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19. What is the current delivery time of a TensileMill CNC?

The current delivery time for your new TensileMill CNC is approximately 4-10 weeks. We would be happy to provide you with a more specific delivery time upon receiving your order. Submit your request today for our product specialist today to further discuss our production schedule.

20. What is the unique benefit of your Tensile Preparation software?

The unique benefit of our Tensile Preparation interface is that it allows absolutely any operator to prepare tensile specimens with their specific dimensions at the click of only a few buttons. We simplify the complicated process of running a CNC machine and bring it down to an interface that anyone can understand. Clamp your metal, setup the dimensions and get milling!

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21. Can I get net terms for your tensile sample preparation equipment?

TensileMill CNC, Inc offers net terms based on credit approval.You would have to submit a minimum of 3 credible credit references and 1 bank reference for our accounting team to review.Once approved, the net terms will be acknowledged as per the main quotation’s guidelines.Your tensile sample preparation equipment will begin the manufacturing process once the initial payment clears. Request quote today.

22. Does the operator require to know G-Code in order to operate the equipment?

Absolutely not! Our unique TensileMill CNC interface allows any operator to start machining tensile specimens without any knowledge of G-Code!

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23. Does TensileMill CNC Series follow ASTM E8 tensile mill standards?

TensileMill CNC Series absolutely follows ASTM E8 tensile mill standards and much more! The library of common standards that is included with the tensile software is the unique value TensileMill CNC Inc. provides over our competition. This library allows you to access common tensile specimen sizes according to the industry standard and the specific standard. E.g. ASTM E8, ISO 6892 or other. By simply clicking 2-3 buttons you are able to auto program the machine to mill your specimens to a high quality finish.
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24. What specimen sizes are included in the tensile library?

Our list of specimen sizes is constantly expanding! The library is organized by the industry standard. The following is a list of the most commonly used industry standards: ASTM E8, ISO 6892, JIS Z 2241, ASTM A370, ASTM E21 and DIN 50125.

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25. Can additional tensile specimen standards be added after the purchase of the main machine?

Tensile Soft makes adding and adjusting specimen sizes extremely easy with the use of our touch screen interface. This is possible for both flat and round specimens. The following video shows this best: https://youtu.be/Nwwo6CJE3XI. Irregular or complex specimen sizes can be prepared with the upgraded CNC software.

26. What does your 12-month warranty cover?

The included 12-month warranty covers the machine from top to bottom within the first year of ownership. We stand behind our products and are happy to assist you with any issues that you may encounter. All of our TensileMill CNCs include a lifetime benefit and consultation advantage. Our service team is always available for you to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

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27. I want to send my tensile sample materials to see the capabilities of your Tensile Sample Preparation machine. Do you offer this service?

Absolutely! We welcome you to send in your material for sample preparation! Our team will go above and beyond for your to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your tensile sample preparation equipment. We will mill your material according to your desired industry standard; create a professional video for your to see the process; and send you the ready tensile samples for your examination. Contact us today to inquire about sample preparation of your material!

28. How do I know which CNC Tensile Machine to select?

TensileMill CNC Inc. makes it easy to select your correct CNC Tensile Machine for tensile sample preparation. We suggest to fill out our detailed quote request by selecting the right top tab. This will give our consulting team all the details necessary to suggest the right tensile sample preparation machine for you. In our ongoing effort to innovate, we are confident that the right tensile sample preparation equipment can be found right here.

29. How long does it take to prepare an average sample?

The time for machining depends on the size of your specimen and the material type. Contact a TensileMill CNC specialist today to receive an estimated machining time based on your specifications.

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30. How long will my milling tips last?

The milling tips for preparing your specimens are a consumable. They will show signs of wear after machining your material. The lifespan of the bits will depend on your specific material. Contact a product consultant today to inquire about our durable tips.

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31. Does the machine come standard with a fully featured controller along with the specimen interface?

Absolutely! The TensileMill CNC has an endless list of uses for machining your desired parts. For the more advanced operators, the Carbon control system is a fully-featured controller and is accessible for custom programming.The TensileMill CNC is equipped with a MACH4 industrial CNC software with professional CNC functions.New features are constantly being developed and every machine includes free updates forever!

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32. What type of accuracy and repeatability can be expected from the TensileMill line of machines?

Our flat and round tensile specimen preparation machines are designed for precision in order to beat the various industry standards tolerances like ASTM, ISO, DIN and JIS by a long shot. The lowest accuracy and repeatability measurement to be expected from our tensile specimen preparation equipment is 0.01mm (0.0004").

33. What is the unique value proposition of your tensile specimen preparation machines?

We encourage you to review the below document summarizing TensileMill’s unique value proposition. Typically, the attached document does a fantastic job justifying your investment to your procurement team.
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