Flat and Round Tensile Test Sample Preparation Machine

What Type of Tensile Samples Are You Needing to Prepare?

Experience the ultimate in tensile sample preparation machines readily capable of meeting your industry standard requirements

TensileMill CNC Inc. offers you a full range of tensile test sample preparation machines. You may choose from our flat tensile preparation or round tensile preparation equipment line up. All of our units are equipped with the user-friendly Tensile Software allowing you to start milling your tensile test specimens in mere seconds. Simply load your blank into the machine, select your desired standard on the software and press GO. Let the CNC software do the rest.

We pride ourselves in being a North American leader in the production of tensile test sample preparation machines. Our robust, light and heavy duty, user-friendly tensile test sample preparation machines have been revolutionizing the traditional tensile sample preparation processes.

The integrated CNC Mach4 tensile sample preparation software is capable of achieving milling results for flat and round specimens, in mere seconds, with one or two pushes of a button. The added bonus of CNC Carbon Controller allows the operators to use the machines as both tensile sample preparation and standard CNC units. Essentially, every unit is a universal milling machine. Check our blog section to learn more.

The unparalleled value lies in the combination of high quality tensile specimen finish and the tremendous time savings achieved through the machine's intuitive software. The equipment is designed to be operated by any level of engineer experience to achieve up-to industry standard tensile samples every time.

If you are testing, manufacturing or a production facility that requires preparation of tensile samples or other CNC machining services in-house, you can greatly benefit from the TensileMill CNC's line up of tensile sample preparation equipment.

Tensile testing is an integral part of quality control processes. Different materials are used to create specimens, also known as 'dog-bones' which are milled in accordance with various industry standards like ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS or others. Tensile testers are used to pull these "dog bones" until a point of fracture. This test determines the yield strength of the tested material.

Majority of manufacturing, educational, and government facilities are currently outsourcing the preparation of the tensile samples to third party companies. They send their materials to be milled in accordance to their specific industry standard. The samples are then sent back for tensile and other material testing purposes. This is proven to be a costly and timely endeavor running businesses tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Imagine having the ability to do all these processes in house with a few pushes of button. That is what TensileMill CNC Inc. offers their customers. They offer a long-lasting, easy-to-use, and affordable industrial grade equipment for your in-house tensile test sample preparation needs.

TensileMill CNC Inc's unit have been developed for with the end-user in mind. Whether you are a small testing laboratory or a large multinational manufacturing facility we have your solution. By providing us with your application and technical specifications we are able to match you with a tensile sample preparation machine that is capable of meeting and surpassing your expectations. Contact us today to learn more.


  • In my 15 years as a QA Manager I have never worked with an instrument which is so incredibly simple to operate. When we first got the equipment it took just a few minutes for me to figure it out. Moreover, by the second hour I was comfortably teaching my newer staff how to operate the machine. I love the programmed library of common tensile dimensions and the ability to enter custom data on the touch screen controller. It is rear to see a dummy-proof equipment on the market. We thank TensileMillCNC for figuring this one out.

    Sam D.Metal Manufacturing
  • Professional, fast and friendly. Those are the three words that come to mind when speaking to the customer support team. I am a big fan of dealing with professionals. This gives me confidence in the company's ability to solve my situation. The guys at TensileMillCNC are exceptional at identifying the issue and solving it immediately. I really enjoy the remote support which upgraded my machine's software from the convenience of my computer and at no charge. In my eyes, this puts a big A in TensileMillCNC's report card.

    Amanda T.Manufacturing Sector
  • Our university is proud to work with TensileMillCNC. A professional staff who understands the exact needs by asking the right questions is one of the biggest factors influencing our purchasing decision. We were sold after we found out what the machine could do. We then watched the demonstration videos on the website and were impressed by how simple it is to operate the machine. After speaking with our technical consultant, George, we had no second thoughts. Our students are creating tensile specimens on daily basis using your equipment. The ease with which this is possible is beyond impressive. We are excited about your upcoming upgrade to the rounded tensile samples. Be sure to keep us in the loop.

    Bryan J.Educational Facility
  • We had purchased multiple TensileMill CNC XL for our large volume tensile sample preparation facility. At the end of our 12 hour shift we pull roughly 190 samples of both metal and composite materials accordingly to various ASTM and ISO standards. Fast tensile milling is a must. Our engineering team's production time has been cut by a factor of 2.7 since our upgrade. The easy tensile milling process offered by TensileMill CNC's user-friendly software is unparalleled. Our quality team is able to set the standard and mill the sample in a matter of minutes without having to be physically bound to the unit. As a production supervisor, I could not be happier. Our tensile sample preparation process is inspiring our sister facilities and we have 4 more orders to come. One thing to add is that TensileMill's team is there for us when we need them. We have all of our questions answered immediately which helps us with our commitment to productivity. Thank you TensileMill!

    Simon R.Production Supervisor - Manufacturing Sector
  • Our school had purchased both the horizontal and vertical curing chambers for concrete from NextGen. Their climatic curing chambers were perfectly suitable for our unique humidity requirements. Both the concrete curing chambers are robust, reliable and perfect for our university's needs. The horizontal model fits well in our quality lab and is used as a table for additional storage. The vertical curing chamber is out in our machine shop against the corner. Both units are able to fit over 150 samples of our specimens at any one time by which saving us a tremendous amount of time curing samples. We are very pleased with our investment and happy to have found affordable climatic curing chambers in North America.

    Lan Z.PhD / Senior Engineering Department - Educational Facility
  • Happy with our investment. We received a better value at a more competitive price. Before buying, we sourced 3 quotations, including TensileMill. TensileMill met all technical needs and had the added value of the easy to use software interface. The unit was lower priced relative to the competition and fit well in our budget.

    Julia HorowitskyQuality Manager - Extrusion Production Sector
  • Exceptional technical support. We purchased the unit in June and already received our free software upgrade. The upgrade was done remotely and completed within 15 minutes. The tech rep gave us a mini crash course on the values of the new software. We now have more milling flexibilities and up-to-date industry standards pre-programmed in the machine.

    Ron I.Heat Treatment Facility
  • We purchased the TensileTurn CNC for one of our manufacturing facilities in Ohio. With it, we took the 1 day of training and installation. Based on our machining needs, we have to prepare button head samples based on ASTM and ISO specifications as well as perform other CNC lathe milling requirements. The training was concise and easily digested. Within the day, our engineers were operating the machine and milling our square stock specimens. The unit has proven to be an easy round tensile sample preparation solution. As a result, we had ordered 9 additional machines for various locations across the country. This user friendly round tensile sample preparation machine is one of a kind. The time savings that it was able to delivery to us in a single day of use proved to justify the purchase 10x over.

    Rick ShenNational Operations Manager - Manufacturing Group of Companies
  • We required a machine that can do fast tensile milling for our flat specimens according to ASTM E8 and B221. As a factory, we have been doing this process on an older manual unit for years, until it was time for an upgrade. Never have we thought that the we could experience such an easy tensile sample preparation process from the TensileMill CNC. This machine is able to produce a smooth cut every time. Most importantly we are able to reach our full day's capacity for cnc machining of tensile specimens in less than 3 hours. This ordeal used to take close to the full day's shift to achieve before. Needless to say our management is extremely pleased with the beyond average time savings.

    Don KSenior Quality Engineer - Heat Treating and Manufacturing
  • We specialize in Inconel metals. Our dog bones are round tensile specimens which require a tensile tester with 5000 kN capacity. On top of that, we require to test 30-40 samples daily. The round tensile sample preparation machine we needed in our lab was one that is both powerful and reliable. TensileTurn XL was the answer. We had sent our samples to TensileMill to be tested before making the final purchase. The guys at TensileMIll turned our samples, made a video of the process and sent the sample back to us for inspection. We were very impressed. Since we purchased the TensileTurn XL, our capacity had increased to roughly 50 samples per day. After months of rigorous work with the lathe, the only maintenance issue we have is the frequent change of the drill bits. All other components of the tensile lathe such as the custom tooling fixture, the servo motor, the spindle, and the user friendly software are doing a fine job.

    Sam V.Senior Quality Engineer - Manufacturing Sector
  • We needed a tensile sample preparation machine that can mill roughly 50 flat tensile specimens a week with high edge finish quality. We invested in TensileMill CNC flat tensile sample preparation unit. This machine surprised us with its performance. The quality of finish and the ease of use exceeded our expectations. This machine had increased our production 6-fold and reduced as much operator involvement. We are expecting an increased work load in the near future and will require a new facility. The newly developed MINI from the flat tensile products is looing like the perfect fit.

    Aiden SmithQuality Manager - Aluminum Manufacturing Sector