TensileMill Announces New Partnership with Cientec

2018-07-13 06:28:00
[Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico], [July 13th, 2018] - The Mexican industry of quality control equipment enters a new era with the announced partnership between CIENTEC and TensileMill CNC. CIENTEC will be representing TensileMill CNC’s products in Mexico and within the surrounding areas. Mexico-based businesses will now have access to Tensile Mill’s products to cater to all their tensile testing needs.

TensileMill CNC has been in the business of offering tensile sample preparation machines for years. They offer small and big tensile sample preparation machines characterized by their high speed. This allows the machines to prepare the highest quality specimens of flat and round tensile. In manufacturing tensile, manufacturers need information about the raw materials’ mechanical properties.

These materials often come in bulk forms, such as rods or sheets. The accuracy of the tensile testing results highly depends on the raw material preparation of the tensile sample. It’s vital that the raw material is of the highest quality. One common practice of some manufacturers is to contract a machine shop to prepare the samples. However, it is different with TensileMill CNC as they offer customers to have machine specimens in-house. The company provides them with intuitive, user-friendly tensile software. These enable the specimen machining process to have simple control from the beginning to the end. This feature of TensileMill CNC is able to eliminate two primary related issues.

Due to TensileMill CNC's in-house machine specimen procedure, they are able to eliminate the cost and lead time, which makes the process more cost-effective and efficient. The Mexican market will now be able to benefit from this advantage. That is to the fact that CIENTEC is now a partner of TensileMill CNC, one of Mexico's leading shopping center for the best quality control testing equipment.

CIENTEC will be TensileMill CNC's portal to Mexico in reaching their high-quality tensile sample preparation machines to businesses in the country. TensileMill CNC has the perfect solution for business's tensile specimens sample preparation needs. At the same time, their products offer a great solution to all other CNC machine requirements of CIENTEC’s customers.

The partnership between the two company's brings a close to the gap in the market. Businesses and customers will be able to have access to one of the best tensile specimen machine manufacturers in the world. With CIENTEC and TensileMill CNC working together, customers in Mexico will truly have a one-stop shop to go to for all their quality control laboratory equipment needs.


CIENTEC is a leading shopping center for superior Quality Control Laboratory Testing Equipment. The company features an extensive line of the best quality control products, serving as the complete provider in the market. With over 30 years of experience, the company guarantees the Mexican market reliable and solid support in terms of their products and services.

For more information, please visit http://www.cientec.com.mx. For inquiries, please call +52 (33)38 1701 40/ +52 (33)38 1781 22 or send email to info@cientec.com.mx.
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