Preparing Soft, Hard and Inconel Metal Tensile Specimens

2018-11-27 23:08:49
Preparing Soft, Hard and Inconel Metal Tensile Specimens

Preparing Soft, Hard and Inconel Metal Tensile Specimens

Flat tensile specimen preparation machines come in different sizes with different features. Choosing one that suits your requirements can be quite confusing. If youre looking for a machine that is versatile yet priced just right according to your needs, you need to consider a few factors.

  • It should be able to handle soft or tough materials. Steel, aluminum, and brass tensile sample preparation require a machine that can work on different levels of material hardness.
  • Depending on the volume of sample preparation requirements, you should be able to choose the size and power of your milling machine.
  • Follows industry standards. JIS, DIN, ISO, ASTM, and other industry standards should be followed in determining the measurements of the samples.

For all these considerations, TensileMill has both compact industrial or large industrial flat tensile specimen preparations that will suit your specific requirements with 3 models to choose from.

TensileMill CNC MINI – Compact Flat Tensile Specimen Preparation Machine

Don't let the size fool you. It might be minuscule in size compared to its bigger brothers but it packs a mean punch when it comes to tensile specimen preparation. With a new design, the TensileMill CNC MINI is a significant improvement from its predecessor.

The TensileMill CNC MINI is compact but specifically designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. Just look at the technical specs and you'll know why.

Ease of use is one of the TensileMill CNC MINI's most admirable features. The unit comes with a 10-inch LCD screen as standard display and is equipped with the popular Tensile Software. Running in the background is the Carbon software known for being powerful and user-friendly.

Operators will find the interface easy to navigate and enter the required tensile specimen size is quick. The TensileMill CNC MINI accepts sizes based on JIS, DIN, ISO, ASTM, and other industry standards. Once the required measurements have been entered, milling is done in a few seconds.

Despite the seemingly small size of the TensileMill CNC MINI, the 3 horsepower Water Cooling Spindle combined with designated tooling is able to prepare materials in huge volumes whether these are Inconel, hard, or soft. It works on aluminum, steel, or brass tensile sample preparation

When your tensile specimen preparation needs growth, you can easily upgrade to a larger touch screen and additional storage.

TensileMill CNC Classic - Flat Specimen Preparation Machine

The mid-range of TensileMill's flat specimen preparation machines and their bestseller boasts of features available on the MINI version and more. The size is a big advantage over its little brother allowing operators to work on larger sample volumes.

Considered as a classic by TensileMill this middle player comes equipped with TensileSoft. This advanced application offers a lot of functions that greatly simplify the tensile sample preparation process.

Just like the MINI, milling takes place in mere seconds after entering the desired measurements making it one of the fastest in the industry. Measurements are also saved in memory storage so using the same sizes in future millings is easier and faster. Operators can even tag specific measurements as favorites so milling is done with only 2 button clicks. How's that for ease of use?

Stacking samples is a feature available in all models of TensileMill's tensile sample preparation machines and it's a great way to expedite the process. A clamping device that comes as a standard with all TensileMill CNC models allows stacking of virtually any material, whether it be brass, aluminum, or steel tensile sample preparation.

The TensileMill CNC Classic- Flat Specimen Preparation Machine is the machine of choice if you are handling medium to large volumes of sample preparations. Its bigger size and more robust mechanism allows faster handling of samples.

TensileMill CNC XL – Flat Specimen Preparation Machine

Meet the biggest and the baddest of the TensileMill CNC series of flat specimen preparation machines. The TensileMill CNC XL – Flat Specimen Preparation Machine is a dynamic and powerful addition to your manufacturing floor.

The high-powered servos and spindle combine to provide increased material removal speeds. The CNC control in the XL is Mach4 based and the larger memory of the machine make loading and execution of complex and large programs easier and faster. Built-in wizards make machine programming easy and fast for smaller jobs. Operators can quickly create text engraving, hole patterns, pockets, and more

The TensileMill CNC XL – Flat Specimen Preparation Machine is a significant upgrade from the TensileMill CNC classic. Designed with larger travel distances and table dimensions, extensive tooling option, and more servo power, it is built to accommodate tougher material and high quantity tensile sample preparation needs. It can work on steel, brass, or aluminum tensile sample preparation.

How tough is the XL? It's powerful enough to handle hardness values reaching 55 HRC with ease.

The XL's robust sample preparation capabilities make it a leader when it comes to large volumes. It's equipped with a 5 horsepower servo spindle that spins at a mind-blowing 10,000 RPM. It's the machine of choice when quality, efficiency, and power is required.

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