How TensileMill CNC Inc Makes Your Life Easy!

2018-04-09 10:59:00
Enabling manufacturers to achieve the perfect test specimen was the ultimate goal of TensileMill CNC, Inc. when they recently launched two cutting-edge Sample Specimen Preparation devices. Designed with quality and efficiency in mind, these two new product lines are known as TensileMill CNC and TensileTurn CNC. 

Identifying the variables that influence test results

The first step in designing these devices was to identify the components that influence test results. TensileMill CNC, Inc. isolated three variables that can impact test results. These variables are as follows: Qualifications of laboratory personnel, accurately calibrated tensile machines, and the quality of the test specimen. Of these three components, it is the test specimen's quality that plays the most significant role in test results.

Addressing potential inaccuracies

Producing an accurate test specimen can be achieved by using a precision milling machine, through hand finishing, or by employing a highly trained machinist. Unfortunately, there are some factors associated with each of these methods that can result in inaccurate and inconsistent tensile properties. Examples of potential inaccuracies include the following:

*Slow milling cutter speeds can severely distort machined edges
*Cold working or heat distortion might be missed during a visual inspection

Some specialists attempt to address these potential inaccuracies by blanking, shearing or die cutting specimens of light gauge sheet to conform to the desired tensile configuration. Because shearing can cause severe distortion of the specimen edges and physical properties, there is a need for a machine that can eliminate this deformation.

Achieving specimen precision

TensileMill CNC and TensileTurn CNC were developed to ensure that test specimens are produced with the utmost precision in an effort to achieve perfection. A test specimen is the most critical element of tensile testing because it dictates the physical properties of the material undergoing testing. Specifically, a specimen must possess precise physical dimensions and be completely free of distortion caused by heat or cold.

Crafting a total solution for manufacturers

Our line of flat and round tensile sample preparation machines is a total solution for manufacturers seeking the key to a virtually perfect test specimen. Our machines were designed to duplicate the pure plastic or metal being tested without distortion caused by tool marks or cracks. We look forward to becoming your trusted provider of quality control products.
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