TensileMill CNC, Inc Partnership with Element Machine Tools Inc.

TensileMill CNC, Inc, is elated to announce our partnership with Element CNC Inc. Through this partnership, our esteemed clients will enjoy more specialized services, advanced control CNC software, and high quality equipment capabilities that will provide the best quality tensile specimens Element Machine Tools Inc. is an enterprise that specializes in the design and manufacture of computer numerical control...
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Operating the Tensile Interface Software

The TensileMill CNC classic is designed with the user in mind. Our built-in software interface makes it easy for the operator to carefully control the entirety of the machining process without requiring any special training or knowledge, making it perfect for lab personnel.Instead of CAD or CAM advanced software, the TensileMill CNS is programmed with Carbon, a built-in, user-friendly touch-screen interface that...
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The Classics Never Go Out of Style - Your Original Tensile Specimen Preparation Machine

TensileMill CNC classic is a small, high-speed machine designed to prepare high quality tensile specimens. With our in-built tensile software, we make it easy for you and your operators to control the machining process from the beginning to the end. It has never been easier to prepare high quality specimens with the TensileMill CNC. Therefore, our strong Carbon software operates our TensileMill CNC with the...
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