Why Do I Need a TensileMill CNC - Tensile Test Sample Preparation Equipment

2016-07-22 09:32:00

For some quality control laboratories, the more traditional method of employing trained machinists and complicated CNC machines to produce tensile test specimens might seem sufficient. However, this method of producing tensile specimens is expensive in labor, and human error can lead to common, costly mistakes.

The TensileMill CNC is the ultimate solution in tensile sample preparation. This CNC solution is designed to provide your quality control laboratory with a smooth, simple, cost-effective process for tensile specimen preparation and testing. With the integrated tensile specimen software, Carbon, any operator can program the machine for any size tensile specimen using the touch screen display.

What does this mean for your company?

Cut labor costs by allowing your laboratory technicians to run the machine; no formal training is required to operate the TensileMill CNC.

Reduce error by making use of the extensive preprogrammed library of DIN, ISO, ASTM, and JIS tensile specimen standards.

Increase efficiency with a user-friendly, customizable touch screen interface that saves the most commonly used specimen sizes on the main screen.

Minimizing the time spent on inputting data and machining specimens means that your testing process will be more efficient; while your operators are performing a tensile test on the latest specimen, the tensile test sample preparation machine can prepare the next one.

In addition to its impressive utility and efficiency, the TensileMill CNCs Carbon software and tensile specimen library are regularly updated to maximize functionality and keep up with the latest in industry standards.

With the TensileMill as the best CNC solution in the industry, why use anything else? Request your quote today.

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