We've Got You Covered: Warranty for Your Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment

2016-08-18 10:28:00

Every TensileMill CNC flat and around tensile specimen preparation machine we sell comes complete with our 12 Month Limited Warranty. Since your business relies on the completion of your tensile sample preparation, for the first full year you own your TensileMill CNC, we've got you covered for anything that can go wrong outside of normal wear and tear. If you feel more comfortable with the addition of a longer warranty or a preventative maintenance package, we also offer those options.

The best part about our warranty is how easy it is to get a warranty claim started and get your machine back in operating condition. A simple phone call or email to our technical support team will start the process. Make sure you provide your tensile sample preparation machine's serial number in any phone calls or email correspondence to your representative. Once you've described the problem, we'll help you determine the best action to take to get your tensile test specimen preparation back underway, whether it's an issue you can address yourself with help from support personnel or one which requires the on-site aid of one of our certified service technicians.

Provided you have properly maintained your tensile test specimen preparation machine and have not modified it or abused it, that's all there is to it. You call or email and provide us with a bit of information about the issues you are up against, and we take action to help you solve the problem. Simply submit your inquiries to support@tensilemillcnc.com

To learn more about the warranty and preventative maintenance options available, contact us today to speak with a certified specialist about what our warranty coverage can do for you.

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