TensileMill and TensileTurn: Tensile Test Sample Preparation

2017-04-11 15:28:00

Accurate tensile testing requires high quality tensile specimens. TensileMill and TensileTurn CNC mills make it easy for operators of any experience level to turn out high quality specimens. With intuitive touch screen controls and versatile Carbon software, these machines greatly simplify the tensile specimen preparation process. They make tensile specimen creation easy, with or without advanced coding knowledge.


The TensileMill prepares flat tensile specimens. The touch screen controller allows operators to enter the tensile specimen size with ease, and the machine is milling within seconds. The Carbon software saves previously entered specimen sizes, so operators can retrieve measurements from the machine's memory. This saves a lot of time, as reentering measurements is unnecessary.


The Tensileturn prepares round tensile samples. The touch screen allows operators of differing experience levels to prepare round and button head specimens of the desired size with ease. They can select a common tensile size or enter their own dimensions. More experienced operators can use the Carbon software to cut, knurl, drill, sand, turn, or face samples.

Both the TensileMill and TensileTurn units have user-friendly interfaces for the simple preparation of quality tensile specimens. With 64 Gb of storage, there is plenty of memory space to save projects. The WiFi, Ethernet, and USB features make it easy to import and export dimensions. Every TensileMill and TensileTurn system includes complimentary updates. Should your company need on-site technical support, TensileMill CNC can have a certified Service Engineer to your site by the following business day.

If you are looking for a solution to long waits for specimens at your company's machining center, consider purchasing one of our TensileMills or TensileTurns. They make the production of tensile samples fast and easy for any operator.

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