TensileMill CNC: Easy Tensile Milling

2017-05-01 16:13:40

CNC machines, of course, are not unique to the manufacturing industry. However, finding a machine that is easy to use, doesn't require a high level of CAD or CAM programming, and is specialized for tensile testing (testing to determine how much force a material can withstand before it fractures) is rare. TensileMill CNC however, can deliver just such a CNC tensile machine.

To ensure accurate tests results, it is important to make sure your material is prepared well and consistently. TensileMill CNC can help operators, even those without vast CNC programming or operational experience, quickly (and repeatably) come up to speed with flat tensile preparation. This will create consistent and quality samples over and over again.

Tensile test sample specimens have to repeat the exact specimen parameters based on the specific industry standard you are testing over and over. As a result, tensile preparation needs to be the same every time. This will include having no cracks, no unexpected stresses to the metal, no tool marks, no heat distortion, or no deformations. The TensileMill CNC can repeatedly create the same single test subject, or, if you stack several sheets of metal on top of each other at one time, several test subjects at once. Since they are cut from the same pre-programmed custom run, they are guaranteed to be free from defects and integrity issues. This also means your tensile test sample preparation time is significantly reduced. Due to it's ease of use (easy set-up and customized, ready-to-run software) and consistent results in creating testing specimens, TensileMill CNC is as groundbreaking as manufacturer tensile preparation equipment gets. It works just as well for ASTM, ISO and JIS tensile test specimen preparation.

Don't waste time with inconsistent testing results (and samples). TensileMill CNC makes tensile milling easy.

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