TensileMill CNC: Ease of Mobility industrial laboratory metals testing

2016-12-23 13:00:00

Tensile sample preparation allows for on-site and field production testing of metal specimens. TensileMill CNC custom software solutions and mobile equipment from offer greater flexibility in both round and flat specimen preparation.


Scientific tensile testing method applications have been in use in industrial manufacturing since the turn of the 20th century. With introduction of digital technologies and software applications, tensile testing solutions have vastly improved the capabilities and precision of each test result. Tensile Mill CNC offers industrial tensile sample preparation machines with the most up-to-date easy-to-use software.


The launch of TensileMill CNC offers industrial tensile specimen preparation machines with the latest in software testing solution. Unlike early CNC mill technologies, TensileMill outperforms other similar machines, by supplying Tensile Soft, an advanced user-friendly software allowing the operator to reach accurate milling results in seconds. The machines can also be upgraded with advanced coding definition of CAD and CAM automated software applications.

Tensile testing is the measure of a 'dog-bone' specimen that undergoes a force until a point of break or fracture to know how much force it can withstand. The TensileMill machines are designed to prepare industry most accurate 'dog-bones' for this very purpose. The software applications enable preparation and testing of a specimen in seconds. Simply choose your desire sample standard and press go. The unit does the rest.


Considering the machines' capabilities and versatility, the TensileMill's machines are relatively small compared to the competition. These compact units are easy to fit into virtually any facility and offer optimal mobility and executes milling of small to large tensile specimens. The solution to multi-use in a large laboratory or sites, TensileMill CNC is as durable as it is pliable for tensile sample preparation. TensileMill CNC testing methods meet International Standards Organization (ISO), ASTM, DIN, and JIS standards to industrial testing. Experience convenience in metals and composite material specimen sample preparation with the TensileMill CNC.

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