TensileMill CNC, Inc. launches the TensileTurn CNC

2017-02-07 15:28:22

Machining lathe produces round and button head tensile-testing specimens via a user-friendly interface.

TensileMill CNC, Inc. is excited to announce the arrival of the TensileTurn CNC to its product lineup. This machining center offers users of all experience levels the ability to quickly and easily prepare round and button head tensile samples, streamlining the tensile testing process.

The TensileTurn offers the same winning combination of easy-to-use interface paired with precise results that defines the TensileMill CNC. No machining experience is neces sary to operate the machine. Its touch-screen interface, driven by robust Carbon software, allows operators to easily program and prepare round tensile specimens of their preferred size by simply tapping a few buttons.

With the TensileTurn CNC, laboratory personnel are now able to bypass the machining center and prepare their own round and button head specimens for testing. From measurement to milling, the unique interface allows the entire process to run smoothly and in a matter of seconds, all within in the lab.

The machine further simplifies the milling process through its pre-programmed library of common round specimen sizes from ASTM, ISO and DIN tensile testing standards. Operators can quickly select their preferred size without having to enter any measurements in order to mill specimens to exact standards.

In addition to round specimens, the interface provides users with the ability to produce button head specimens, expanding the range of tensile samples readily available to operators of all skill levels.

The production of high quality tensile specimens combined with ease of use is what sets the TensileTurn CNC apart. It enables the rapid milling of precisely measured round and button head specimens for superior tensile results.

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