TensileMill CNC, Inc Partnership with Element Machine Tools Inc.

2016-07-01 14:37:00

TensileMill CNC, Inc, is elated to announce our partnership with Element CNC Inc. Through this partnership, our esteemed clients will enjoy more specialized services, advanced control CNC software, and high quality equipment capabilities that will provide the best quality tensile specimens

Element Machine Tools Inc. is an enterprise that specializes in the design and manufacture of computer numerical control equipment. Element Machine Tools Inc. offers unique solutions to the distinct needs of its customers. The team of experts and industry professionals are dedicated to providing clients with a wide a range of solutions. The client is at liberty to decide how best they want to manufacture their parts. This guarantees customer satisfaction and confidence that products are efficiently produced.

The team at TensileMill CNC Inc consider client satisfaction a pivotal goal of the company. Our partnership with Element Machine Tools Inc.is a strategic plan that will catapult us towards our goal. This merger with Element Machine Tools Inc. will provide us with high quality CNC machinery which will be used to produce tensile specimens for precise material testing results. The partnership will also allow the free flow of information between both companies in order to better to meet the needs of our clients. Lastly, our partnership with Element Machine Tools Inc. gives our clients a wider range of solutions and services.

The philosophy of TensileMill is majorly founded on quality customer service in addition to best available products and services. This partnership is a direct reflection of this philosophy that has guided us for many years

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