TensileMill CNC XL, The ABCs of XYZ

2017-01-09 09:59:00

The TensileMill CNC has proven its efficiency in the tensile milling arena. This high-speed tensile specimen preparation machine is capable of turning out precision pieces with zeal. For the machinist lucky enough to operate these gems, they will surprisingly find that an upgrade is heralded.

If there were any TensileMill CNC limitations to mention, they would be the milling center's blank size allotment. The original TensileMill three axis travels are X=10.6", Y=6.3" and Z=10.6". The table size is 6.3" x 21.65". These dimensions are sufficient for most work orders, however, your potential is amplified with the TensileMill CNC XL.

TensileMill CNC XL will immediately become a favorite for larger operations. In comparison to its predecessor, the XL is turnkey. The differences are found in the table size and the X,Y and Z travel. The XL boasts an improved axis travel of X=15.75", Y=9.5" and Z=15.75". These improvements are met with an accommodating table size of 9.8 x 31.5.

Unlike most upgrades that come with unnecessary, bothersome nuances, the XL maintains its original CNC interface. Operators will have no additional hindrances while bellying up to the keypad for the first time. Pre-programmed runs can simply be transferred to the new machine for minimal downtime. Programmers brim with delight when the XL makes its appearance. The typical train of thought is, "If I could do so much with it before, now imagine the possibilities".

When tensile milling is the task at hand, a larger work capacity will always work in your favor. If the TensileMill CNC has shown you it's worth, the TensileMill CNC XL is standing on the shoulders of giants.

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