The Classics Never Go Out of Style - Your Original Tensile Specimen Preparation Machine

2016-06-21 15:26:00

TensileMill CNC classic is a small, high-speed machine designed to prepare high quality tensile specimens. With our in-built tensile software, we make it easy for you and your operators to control the machining process from the beginning to the end. It has never been easier to prepare high quality specimens with the TensileMill CNC. Therefore, our strong Carbon software operates our TensileMill CNC with the user-friendly tensile milling interface. The interface allows the operator to easily and quickly enter the desired tensile specimen sizes based on the parameters listed in your DIN, ISO, ASTM, JIS or any other industry standard. By simply feeding the required measurements, the equipment is ready to start milling in seconds.

The tensile software interface provides quick access to previously entered specimen sizes. It also includes a diverse library of pre-programmed tensile specimen that allows the operator to easily launch the program without having to feed any of the provided measurements. With your new TensileMill CNC, you also have access to TensileMill CNC Inc.'s standard Carbon software interface. This interface is an intuitive and powerful CNC control system that holds endless possibilities. We have made our touchscreen controller easy to use and equipped it with a complete Carbon software. Along with the tensile milling software interface, Carbon allows the operator to access the MACH4 Industrial CNC Software used for professional CNC Control functions. Our Carbon software is continuously being upgraded with new features and each TensileMill CNC system includes updates at no additional cost. Request a detailed quotation today to learn which unit best fits your needs.

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