TensileMill CNC Inc. and NextGen Join Forces in Tensile Sample Preparation

2016-09-22 10:20:00

TensileMill CNC is pleased to announce its partnership with NextGen Material Testing. This winning combination of high-end machinery promises to be a game changer in the tensile industry. The conjunction of these businesses is in the best interest of our customers, as both companies provide high quality customer service and operate with extreme ethics and precision to deliver top quality machinery.

Both TensileMill CNC and NextGen Material Testing aim to provide the best available products. From tensile sample preparation to quality control testing, we're coming together to take you from start to finish. We believe this partnership will complement our line of tensile sample preparation equipment and lead to a complete experience for our loyal customers.

NextGen is a distributor of quality control equipment that handles products in various industries. These industries include: metals, plastics, rubbers, concrete, cement, and soil. NextGen's material testing meets all international industry standards and delivers a 12-month warranty coverage. We are excited to work with the exceptional tensile testers that NextGen is known for.

Of course, TensileMill CNC will still be providing the same fantastic products and services as well. Our goal is to combine the strengths of both companies and provide a "one stop shop" for the tensile manufacturing industry. Our milling machine will provide high quality, easy to program tensiles while NextGen's testing machines ensure quality control that can't be beat.

If you would like to learn more about either TensileMill CNC or NextGen Material Testing please visit our websites for more information. We hope you will join us in our excitement as two great companies come together to give you the highest quality tensile testing and tensile milling.

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