TensileMill CNC Inc. Expansion Coming Late 2019

2016-09-01 10:08:32

TensileMill CNC is expanding your options! By the end of 2019, our high-speed, smooth, small but powerful CNC machining center will be able to prepare both round and flat specimens - similar to a CNC Lathe!

The TensileMill CNC, and our innovative software interface and touch screen controller, make it easy for any laboratory personnel to prepare tensile specimens on their own. Our powerful Carbon software and user friendly touch screen tensile milling interface make creating tensile specimens a job that takes mere minutes.

Up until now, our TensileMill CNC has been capable of preparing standard "dogbone" flat tensile specimens only. Our product line expansion and upgrade, due for release in late 2016, will allow our TensileMill CNC to prepare both round and flat specimens. Simply enter your specimen parameters and the TensileMill CNC will be ready to prepare round specimens from round stock.

This new round specimen feature works with the same tensile interface and touch screen controller as the standard flat specimens. Similar to our standard tensile specimen program, we will be offering a library of pre-programmed round tensile specimens. Prepare your desired specimen sizes with the same ease of use through the touch screen display and Carbon software with quick access to MACH4 Industrial CNC Software.

Want to add this round specimen to your TensileMill CNC? An additional fixture compatible with all existing TensileMill CNCs will be available for purchase soon.

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