Tensile testing sample preparation

2017-11-16 12:41:26

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Correct tensile sample preparation is vital to meaningful test results. TensileMill CNC Inc. understands the importance of getting trustworthy results and getting them as simply and quickly as possible. Our experts make sure every piece of equipment and every tensile sample prepared is in accordance with the latest industry standards. We have the fastest and most cost-effective equipment on the market and our expertise has allowed us to serve a variety of manufacturing, government, and educational institutions. There are two areas of focus when discussing effective tensile testing: tensile sample preparation and tensile sample testing.

Tensile Sample Preparation

A properly prepared tensile sample should focus on three areas: the shoulders, the gage section, and the transition area. The ends of the sample, or the shoulders, should be sufficiently wide that equipment can grip the sample without interfering with test results. The center of the specimen is known as the gage section. The cross-sectional area of this section is significantly less than the shoulder area in order to localize the testing forces. The length of the gage section should be at least four times the diameter of the same section. The transition length between the shoulder section and the gage section should be at least equal to the size of the diameter.

Tensile Sample Testing

Scientists and engineers perform tensile tests to determine the strength and ductility of a material. These data points give information about how a material will behave under certain loads. It is important that these data points are accurate, so appropriate load and strain ranges should be chosen before starting any test. The specific dimensions of the sample being prepared should be recorded to make sure results are interpreted in context. The testing equipment should also be zeroed before the specimen is placed in the grips to prevent data skewing. After the range has been selected, the dimensions recorded, and the equipment zeroed; the sample is placed into the grips and secured. Then testing can begin.

There's Help

Tensile sample preparation and testing can be complicated and time-consuming, but TensileMill CNC Inc. has worked to make this process simple and effective. TensileMill CNC carries both small and large tensile sample preparation equipment. This equipment helps users prepare high-quality flat or round test samples in a fraction of the time of other equipment. The TensileMill CNC Inc’s advantage is its use of intuitive, user-friendly software that allows great testing to be performed by almost anyone. The simplicity of this software allows research teams to spend less time performing tests and more time in innovation and manufacturing.

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