Tensile Specimen Preparation Has Never Been More Affordable!

2018-04-16 16:00:00
Tensile test sample preparation has never been more affordable with the TensileMill CNC MINI, our newest flat tensile specimen preparation machine. For any laboratory with low to medium tensile sample preparation needs (5-45 per day), this machine is the perfect fit.

If your facility is like most, you currently outsource your tensile samples to a third party for industry standard milling and then test those samples back at your facility. The time and money lost in the process can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Now imagine taking out the middle man and preparing those tensile test samples right in your laboratory with a simple click of a button. By streamlining the testing process, the long-term savings in both money and time will be invaluable to your business.

A compact, high-end machine, the TensileMill CNC MINI comes with all the most popular features of our larger machines:

*an easy-to-use touchscreen interface with intuitive software
*a constantly expanding list of specimen sizes including, ASTM E8, ISO 6892, JIS Z 2241, ASTM A370, *ASTM E21 and DIN 50125
*the ability to stack samples up to 1" in thickness for fast tensile preparation needs
*unlimited software updates at no additional cost
*and more

But for those laboratories that want to get the biggest bang for their buck, every machine comes with the option for multiple upgrades, including a complete Carbon software upgrade. The Carbon upgrade includes a 21" touchscreen with 64 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, WiFi, Ethernet, USB ports, macro B programming, 254 tool offsets, 126 work offsets, helical interpolation, drilling canned cycles, scaling and mirroring, advanced trajectory planning, cutting-edge dual mode cutter compensation, and more. Carbon also allows the operator to access the MACH4 Industrial CNC Software used for professional CNC Control functions.

The TensileMill CNC MINI has a traveling area of 400mm x 400mm x 200mm (15.75 x 15.75 x 7.87 inch), which allow it to prepare virtually any type of tensile samples based on the appropriate industry standards. But if you have advanced machining requirements, the MINI has upgrades for those as well, including an upgraded spindle for harder materials, and 3-axis servo motor upgrade to give you a faster and more accurate axis movement.

Even when fully upgraded, the TensileMill CNC MINI adds up to be one of the most cost-effective solutions for tensile test specimen preparation on the market. Built to last for decades, the machine will more than pay for itself in no time.

This heavy-duty, user-friendly, compact machine has been getting rave reviews from the industry, and we can't wait to let you know how the TensileMill CNC MINI can revolutionize the way you work. Request a quote today.
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