Revolutionary Mach 4 CNC + TensileSoft for all CNC and Tensile Sample Preparation Needs

2018-04-16 16:00:00
Having a high-quality tensile test sample is paramount to running an accurate and representative tensile test. For round tensile sample preparation, look no further than the round tensile specimen machines from TensileMIll CNC.

The revolutionary TensileTurn CNC prepares round tensile samples with advanced Mach 4 and Tensile Soft operating software. It is custom designed for tensile sample preparation. Traditionally, advanced knowledge of coding through CAD and CAM software is necessary to program a machine to create different shapes and sizes of tensile test samples, but the ease of use of the TensileTurn CNC allows even those with little machining experience to produce high-quality tensile test samples in minutes.

The interface, which features a touch screen display and uses Carbon software, is one reason the TensileTurn CNC is so easy to use. The directions are clear and the user can easily navigate the steps to creating a round tensile test sample. The user can select a standard tensile sample size from a list of common standards, such as ASTM, ISO, and DIN, or can input custom dimensions. The TensileTurn CNC can produce samples up to two inches in diameter and up to sixteen inches in length, and these samples can be created from square, round, or irregular stock.

The control system also includes:

*64 GB of storage
*4 GB of RAM
*USB ports
*Macro B programming
*254 tool offsets
*126 work offsets
*Helical interpolation
*Drilling canned cycles
*Scaling and mirroring
*Advanced trajectory planning
*Cutting edge dual mode cutter compensation
*Updates to the Carbon software at no extra cost

The ease of use of the TensileTurn CNC means less time is spent waiting for samples and provides a higher-quality sample because it is designed specifically for creating tensile test specimens. It is an essential machine for those who run tensile tests on a regular basis, as it will save time and effort.

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