Improved XL CNC Machines for Tensile Sample Preparation

2017-12-05 12:39:00

The upgraded TensileMill CNC XL for flat specimen preparation is a high-powered tensile machine that showcases a sturdy cast iron frame with linear guide ways that provide the perfect foundation for high-speed machining. Featuring a servo spindle with full synchronous position control, disc spring tool clamping, collet style gripper, and air over hydraulic tool release, the material removal rate is a serious improvement over previous models.

Increased memory and Mach4-based CNC control also allow for complex programs to load and execute with ease, as well as easy integrated wizards on-machine programming for smaller jobs. This model can create hole patterns, pockets, and text engraving at advanced speeds.

Improvements over the previous mill CNC machines include a larger table 31.5" x 9.4" (800mm x 240mm) which allows for larger tensile test sample size, travel distance of (X/Y/Z): 15.7"/9.1"/15.7" (400mm/230mm/400mm), 10 station umbrella style automatic tool changer with a tool shank of BT30 that allows any tool to be assigned to any position, and increased servo power for tougher materials.

With a load capacity of 330 lb. (150 kg), and belt driven 5 horsepower speeds of 10,000 RPM servo CNC spindle interface with BT30 taper, you won't find a better option with higher material removal rates and better specimen control for your facility. In fact, these XL CNC machines can reach milling results that are 3, 4, even 10 times faster than standard CNC machines with little operator involvement. Thus, freeing engineers to work on more pressing projects.

It is run by an easy to use touch screen controller that comes complete with Mach4 software and industrial PC with 64 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, with Wireless and Bluetooth standard. The control panel is simple to use with a large format tough screen, MPG, and integrated status light.

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