Improve efficiency in your laboratory with our TensileMill CNC

2016-12-19 13:00:00
A CNC mill is a machine used to carve out different metal shapes out of a piece of metal. TensileMill CNC offers a high-speed small machining center, which we have designed to help you make high-quality tensile specimen.

CNC machines are not unique and very common in machining. Still, they generally require skilled operators to operate it. Besides, operators require advanced coding knowledge in CAM and CAD software to program it.

This is what makes TensileMill unique. Our machines are easy to use for both experience and the non-experience operators alike. The TensileSoft, a software that comes standard with every machine allows the operator to simply set the sample, press a few buttons and watch the sample be cut to the exact dimensions. The superior accuracy of the machine allows to prepare tensile specimens to spec every time without fail.

The added bonus of the CNC Carbon package can be added or can come standard with some of our models. This will allow the more experience operators to perform CNC machining requirements, making our units both effective and versatile.

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