How to Make Sure the Tensile Sample Preparation Machine Can Handle Your Specimens

2018-06-01 12:34:00
Enjoying peace of mind during the tensile sample preparation process is now a reality for TensileMill CNC's quality-minded clients. With the help of a new cutting-edge sample preparation program, you can see exactly how your samples are crafted to perfection. Below is a look at TensileMill CNC's latest service designed to help clients develop the ultimate tensile samples.

Why is a new process needed?

"It should be remembered that a sample is a quantity of material that represents a larger lot. The sample usually is made into multiple 'specimens' for testing. Test samples must be prepared properly to achieve accurate results."

- ASTM International

Some customers are reluctant to entrust a new provider with the preparation of their tensile test specimens. They worry that the quality and accuracy of their testing will be compromised due to inaccuracies and flaws in the tensile sample preparation process. The sample preparation experts at TensileMill CNC are continually seeking ways to improve our quality of service. We also recognize that our customers have three key priorities when seeking sample preparation:
*Accuracy: Clients want assurance that our sample preparation machine can handle their specimens.
*Speed: Our clients require efficiency and a quick turnaround as they operate under tight deadlines.
*Affordability: Cost is always a critical variable when seeking sample preparation services.

By developing a new standardized process, TensileMill CNC is able to illustrate exactly how samples are prepared according to each of these key priorities. Customers are able to visualize the sample preparation process and rest assured that their samples are prepared with the utmost precision.

How does the process work?

Simplicity and convenience are the keys to TensileMill CNC's new offering. Customers are able to experience our quality craftsmanship from the comfort of their own facilities with minimal effort. Most importantly, this program enables customers to see why TensileMill CNC is a world leader in tensile sample preparation and machining. Here is a look at how this simple three-step process works:

1) You ship your samples to TensileMill CNC

We make it easy and convenient for customers to work with us. You can use UPS, FedEx, or the carrier of your choice to ship your samples to the TensileMill CNC team at 2220 Meridian Blvd., Suite #AF937, Minden, NV, 89423. Be sure to provide us with the details of your material's starting blank size and finish sizes according to your industry standards.

2) TensileMill CNC will mill your tensile samples and record the process

"Machining defects, e.g. notches, grooves and burrs, which occur during the preparation of test specimens and which may affect the test results are to be removed, and the execution of this operation shall respect the dimensional and geometric tolerances applicable to the specimen shape concerned."

- Germanischer Lloyd Aktiengesellschaft

The second step of the process focuses on the operations used to prepare and finish your sample. Once we receive your samples, our technical specialists will carefully review the written details you provided. We will then mill your tensile samples according to your requirements. As we prepare your samples, we will create a professional video of the process to enable you to see all of the steps that we take to ensure quality precision.

This video is instrumental in demonstrating our commitment to quality tensile preparation. Additionally, our clients have the unique opportunity to see the inner workings of our production facility and witness the measures our specialists take to ensure that your samples are free of notches or grooves that could potentially impact test results.

3) TensileMill CNC will ship the completed samples back to you

Upon completion of the milling process, we will ship your samples back to you along with the video we created. We will also include our engineering recommendations for your consideration. We encourage clients to watch the video in its entirety to understand the steps that we take to protect the integrity of your sample while operating with efficiency.

What are the program requirements?

TensileMill's program is extremely flexible to encourage customer participation. There are few requirements outside of the need for you to note your desired size and any pertinent industry standards. Below are some of the key program highlights:

*New and existing clients are invited to participate
*The program applies to both round and flat samples
*We require your material's starting blank size and finish sizes
*You will need to include your company contact information and shipping address

If you have any questions about the program, TensileMill CNC's technical specialists are available to provide additional information.

How much does the program cost?

Clients can participate in our three-step program FREE OF CHARGE. We are proud of our dedication to quality tensile sample preparation and are eager to illustrate our commitment to precision with our customers. Plus, customers who participate in the program receive a complimentary introduction to our operations. Providing our customers with free samples and a video of the sample preparation process allows us to show our customers the following:

*How our calibrated tensile machines operate
*The quality control measures that are taken to protect the integrity of the sample
*An introduction to our qualified laboratory personnel
*A look at the measures we take to adhere to ISO standards and other industry regulations

The Bottom Line

The tensile sample preparation is a process that can have long-term ramifications if not properly undertaken. Through our introduction of an exciting new sample preparation program, the TensileMill CNC team has made it convenient, easy, and affordable for new and existing clients to experience our tensile preparation process. We invite you to contact one of our CNC consultants to take advantage of this offer at no charge to you. 

At TensileMill CNC Inc., we recognize that our customers demand accuracy, speed, and affordability when they require sample preparation services. We also realize that you may have other tensile testing needs. Contact us to find out how we can equip your entire laboratory with tensile sample preparation and tensile testing equipment. We look forward to serving as your trusted resource for all of your tensile testing needs.

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