Efficiency Game with Superior Tensile Test Specimen Preparation

2018-05-28 07:08:00
Ensure quality and maximize production with one of our tensile sample preparation machines. The TensileMill CNC product line is comprised of durable machines capable of turning out identical samples every time. The quality of the TensileMill CNC product line is second only to its efficiency. Conduct your tensile sample preparation in record time with these features universal to all of our TensileMill CNC products.

Quick Programming

With our signature Carbon software, operators are able to program tensile test sample preparation in just seconds. Choose from the pre-programmed industry standard tensile test sample sizes, or customize a non-standard sample size. Simply add custom dimensions and begin milling. Both standard and non-standard tensile sample preparation are quick and easy for even a novice operator to program.

Custom Programs

Save time when milling non-standard sample sizes by retrieving previous custom operations. With TensileMill CNC, time consuming reprogramming is unnecessary when switching between different tensile specimen preparation programs. The 64 GB of storage available ensures that you will never run out of memory for your custom operations.

User-friendly interface

The clear, responsive touch screen of the TensileMill CNC allows for quick and easy input. Our easy to use software allows any operator to perform pre-programmed functions with the touch of a button. No specialized programming training is required for operation.

Whatever your tensile sample type or production level, we carry a durable device to meet your needs. For flat tensile sample testing, we offer the TensileMill CNC in three sizes: regular, mini, and extra large. For round tensile sample preparation, we offer the TensileTurn CNC in regular and extra large sizes. Sample specimen creation and testing has never been easier, faster, or more efficient. Contact us today for a quote and to determine which tensile test specimen preparation machinery is best suited for your needs.
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