Effective Preparation of Round Tensile Samples

2017-06-09 11:40:55

TensileTurn CNC presents a conveniently sized automatic CNC lathe that can prepare accurate round tensile samples to achieve the highest level of accuracy in tensile results. The feature comes with cutting edge touchscreen technology that allows anyone, even workers without machine experience, to quickly learn how to prepare tensile specimens by simply setting up dimensions on the screen.

With TensileTurn CNC, you can make standard round tensile specimens and sub-sized button-headed tensile. The only task an operator should do is load the machine with either round, square, or irregular stock. TensileTurn CNC enables laboratory personnel to bypass any waiting times with the milling machine by preparing their samples in a matter of minutes. TensileTurn CNC enhances productivity of the milling machines by allowing precise measurements of round and button head specimen for superior tensile testing results.

While TensileTurn CNC increase productivity, there are some difficulties encountered in the preparation including;

  • The level of personnel training that is necessary to produce fast and efficient samples. Without the necessary level of training, the outcome productivity will decrease.
  • There exists a need to contract an off-site provider for round tensile sample preparation. Without the necessary material and equipment, you would need to use off-site assistance which increases the overall production costs.

TensileTurn CNC continues to dominate the market through its enhanced Round Tensile samples, with many users praising the round tensile for its flexibility of use and variety to choose from. Additionally, the TensileTurn carbon software allows for universal applications like cutting, knurling, and drilling. By having the CNC round tensile specimen produced on-site, it not only increases convenience for your organization, but it also saves you on costs and enhances efficiency as compared to contracting an off-site assistance. Request your quotation today for the ultimate solution in Round Tensile Sample Preparation.

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