Easy Round Tensile Test Specimen Preparation

2017-05-31 14:05:53

Some of the most time-consuming and difficult tasks in preparing Round Tensile samples are: 1) the amount of personnel training that is necessary to produce fast and efficient specimens, and 2) the need to contract with an off-site provider for Round Tensile sample preparation. TensileTurn CNC eases these difficulties, providing an easy Round Tensile milling process that allows any operator, with or without machining experience, to prepare highly accurate CNC Machine Round Tensile specimens utilizing an award-winning touch screen interface.

TensileTurn CNC is dominating the market with the enhanced Round Tensile Sample preparation units. Users love the easy Round Tensile sample preparation that is made possible by the included library of common standards such as ASTM, ISO, and DIN, with the added flexibility of being able to enter customized dimensions on the touch screen numerical keypad. Fast Round Tensile milling of standard round tensile specimens, sub-size specimens, threaded tensile specimens, button-head tensile bars, fatigue specimens and other round testing specimens are possible without having to rely on others and their potential wait times.

In addition to Round Tensile sample preparation, TensileTurn's Carbon software allows for more universal applications such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, facing or turning. This software also allows the operator to access the MACH4 Industrial CNC Software used for professional CNC Control functions.

Time and efficiency affects the bottom line, and TensileTurn CNC affects time and efficiency. Imagine CNC Machine Round Tensile specimens easily prepared on-site, fast, and highly accurate - turn imagination into reality by contacting us today to see how fast and easy Round Tensile milling can be.

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