Easier cutting a Tensile Specimen from a pipe

2016-11-02 10:24:59

Here at TensileMill CNC we are one step ahead when it comes to tensile sample preparation machines we use. The TensileMill CNC is better than above the average machine. This type of machine is able to cut tensile bars from the pipe without flattening it. Normally when one is cutting a tensile specimen from a pipe wall, the machine being used requires that you first cut out a tensile blank from a pipe. With our machine, that step is not needed, saving you time and effort.

When cutting your specimen you are able to mount the pipe directly inside the TensileMill CNC. It then mills out a tensile specimen directly from the pipe. If you simply clamp the pipe inside the table using our universal clamps and set the machine to prepare the tensile specimen size of your choice using the TensileMill Interface. The interface is simple and user-friendly.

Once you have completed this short action,you will have your tensile bar. You will find this bar retains the original curvature of the original pipe. It will be of the exacting dimensions, which includes the taper through the gauge section. You are welcome to immediately insert it into your testing machine. The process is made to be quick and easy, worth an investment in a machine that makes it so, the TensileMill CNC.

If you have any question or are looking for other ways to expand your results from the TensileMill CNC please visit our website. We look forward to making your work easier.

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