Clamping Made Easy With The TensileMill CNC

2017-01-26 09:59:50

When it comes to tensile testing, it is important to make sure your specimens are prepared correctly. You cannot get an accurate test result if your blanks are not properly placed. If you have a workforce with varying backgrounds, it is important to have a machine that can be easily loaded and operated by workers of any skill level.

The TensileMill CNC is easy to operate with some basic training. Our touch screen tensile interface is user-friendly at any level. However, before milling can begin the blanks need to be properly clamped and secured. This machine makes the preparation process quick and easy.

There are no hard to reach work areas on this unit, making it incredibly easy to access. The operator can easily open the protective barrier door and reach right into the table to place the pre-prepared blanks that need to be milled.Then, as long as your blanks fit table dimensions you can use any size plate or even plasma, laser, and sheer cut strips. They will all work, as long they have the same width as your completed tensile size.There are no complicated steps involved in the securing process. The specimens can be clamped down with the same simplicity as using a standard shop vise.If you need to prepare multiple specimens, the TensileMill CNC can accomplish it with ease. The operator simply needs to prepare the strips and then clamp down a fixture on top of them all.The whole process of blank preparation and tensile size programming, can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Making sure your workforce has the right unit for preparing your specimens is important. However, it is even more important that the machine be usable by employees of all skill levels. The TensileMill CNC is perfect for any level of operation skill. Its signature, easy-to-use clamping methods make it the perfect fit for a diverse work pool!

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