All in a Day's Work: Installation of your tensile specimen preparation equipment

2016-08-15 09:52:00

Congratulations! You've purchased your TensileMill CNC tensile sample preparation machine, and you're ready to start simplifying your tensile sample preparation process. What happens next? How long will it be before your technicians can begin using this brand new machine?
Believe it or not, installation of the TensileMill CNC machine can be accomplished in just one day. Certified CNC representatives will arrive at your location ready to install your new machinery for tensile specimen preparation, as well as train your quality technicians on its proper use. Even if your employees have no programming knowledge and have never used a CNC Mill before, TensileMill CNC will have them trained on the simple touch screen system and have your business streamlining quality assurance methods in the space of one installation and training day.
To make installation and training go as smoothly as possible, when you contact your representative to schedule your installation and training date, you'll want to make sure you provide some critical information about the dimensions and the type of material used in your tensile specimen preparation. You'll also want to make sure you have sample blanks and milling tips prepared in advance, so when our team arrives, your team is prepared to learn.
After your machine is installed and your training has been completed, your technicians will be ready to use your new TensileMill CNC machine, but if for some reason you believe your location could use an extra day or two to really be confident in its use, that can also be arranged for an additional fee. Always keep in mind that your purchase of the machinery brings you access to the TensileMill's Global Support Network, and certified support specialists are always available to help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
If you're ready to install the tensile test specimen machine you've purchased, contact your representative today to schedule your installation and training date. You're just one day's work away from peak tensile sample preparation performance.

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