Unique & User-Friendly Specimen In Seconds? The Future is Now!

2017-12-05 13:34:28

The destruction caused by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria over the past several weeks serve to emphasize the need for tensile testing in materials used in various industries, specifically those associated with construction.

In a perfect world, if you could custom design the perfect tensile test specimen preparation machine, what attributes would it have?Size and versatility would be obvious considerations, as well as ease of operation for sample machining. State-of-the-art software? Absolutely! While we're at it, let's make the cutting-edge software user-friendly for any level of engineering experience.

Although size varies with each advanced sample specimen preparation, the milled specimen shape provides the industry standard for strength of materials testing. What if creating "dogbone" sample specimens were as simple as inputting the right measurements? Major time saver!

With stakes so high in human lives and devastation due to product failure, tensile testing is at the forefront of reputable manufacturers' production concerns. If your company sets the bar high for safety, innovation, design, and production, then you will appreciate our cost-effective solution to your testing needs, no matter the size of your lab.

As a matter of convenience, our TensileMill CNC fits the bill. Easily used by engineering personnel of all experience levels, specifications entered into the single application program provide your specimen within seconds. CNC sample preparation is rapid and complete. Without the need for the advanced coding knowledge required with complicatedCAD and CAM software, you'll find our single application software is unique to Advanced Specimen sample preparation machining.

Take any concerns about rising liability costs or possible ethical concerns due to faulty production completely out of the equation. We welcome the opportunity to show you the high-quality, cost-saving features of our unique TensileMill CNC.Request your detailed quotation today to learn more.

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