The Tensile Mill CNC - Why Switch?

2016-09-14 11:13:00

CNC machines are common in the machining industry, but a revolutionary product from TensileMill CNC Inc. is poised for a takeover. The Tensile Mill CNC is a user-friendly line-up of superior quality tensile sample preparation machines, allowing control lab technicians to create their own tensile specimens without relying on machinists. Sample preparation is made easy by replacing complex programming with a user-friendly interface that is ready to mill in seconds. As a result, the Tensile Mill has the potential to increase productivity in both the quality control laboratory and the machining department. Check out the top reasons to switch below!

1. Cut Out the Middleman

The Tensile Mill CNC allows the quality control team to control the creation of their specimens from start to finish. There is no need for the QC lab to give specifications to machinists. There is no need to wait for someone from the machining department to fulfill the order. One operator is all it takes, no programming knowledge necessary.

2. Small, Sturdy, Fast, and Easy to Use

Our machine is compact and built for ease of use. With a touch-screen controller that is preprogrammed to your industry standard, simply enter your desired tensile size and watch it go to work. Tensile Mill CNC is ready to mill within seconds!

3. Custom Software

The touchscreen component is equipped with our complete Carbon software. This software does not require coding knowledge to operate. It is a powerful control system that provides excellence from start to finish.

4. Increase Productivity

It should go without saying, but the increased speed of specimen creation frees up time to make even more tensile specimens in less time.

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